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French Labour Code: Changes Made by President Macron’s Orders

On August 31, the French government unveiled five draft orders to reform the Labour Code. These draft orders, after approval from the Council of State, have been definitively adopted by the Council of Ministers on September 22, before being published in the Official Journal – and thus coming into force – on 23 September (except for the provisions that require regulatory measures).

Newsletter: Labour Code by Macron’s Orders (Source: Hoche)


“New Tax Law Allows Some to Avoid Paying Tax on the Sale of Their Business”

“The amount of gain that is excluded from tax is capped at the greater of $10 million or 10 times one’s investment. For example, a person who invests $100,000 in a qualified small business after September 27, 2010, holds that investment for over five years, and meets the other eligibility requirements will not be subject to tax on gain of up to $10 million, and a person who invests $1.5 million will not be subject to tax on gain of up to $15 million. ” Continue reading