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“So your firm or client had a data breach? What next?”

The news regularly reports on data breaches and cybersecurity. While we read about the largest breaches — Equifax, Uber, Home Depot, Target, JP Morgan, Wyndham — probably every business has been hacked and will be hacked again. This is not only an international problem, but also a local problem. You might fall out of your chair if you knew how many local businesses (including law firms) have had significant data breaches. We are now in the cybercrime era. Data breach is a new form of organized crime, not the type we understand from movies like The Godfather. This is a group of people who may have never met each other, working from basements and bedrooms in hoodies and pajamas, organized for the sole intent of ripping us off.”

Follow the link to read more of the article, “So your firm or client had a data breach? What next?“, featured in the Sarasota County Bar Association Docket January 2018,¬†authored by Doug Cherry, partner at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP.


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