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Automating the Food and Drink Industry

According to a market research report by Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies entitled Trends in Food Processing Operations, half of the companies surveyed will be increasing their level of automation over the next three to five years. Despite this, many manufacturers admit they don’t know where to start. This article explores how automation can benefit food and beverage facilities.

Many industries have already made the jump to automated processes. However, it’s only been in recent years that the food and beverage industry has begun to truly explore what automation and robotic technology has to offer. 

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Sustainability: Some United States and European Comparisons

Politics and the popular press rely on slogans and generalizations.  One popular international viewpoint is that the United States has moved away from commitments to reduce carbon emissions.  This is understandable in light of certain policy statements from the Trump administration, such as pulling out of the Paris accords and rescission of the Clean Power Plan, and other environmental regulations applicable in the United States.

Nevertheless, the United States continues to rapidly move from electricity generation from coal. Over all, the United States has and continues to reduce carbon in carbon emissions.  This result is counter to the expectations for a complex set of reasons.  However, with regard to use of coal for electricity generation, there are several identifiable factors.  Some of these are:  overabundance of natural gas production and record low natural gas prices relative to coal; corporate acceptance of “sustainability” as a corporate and social value; regional policies in different states in the United States on electricity pricing; local and federal subsidies for  renewables; and state renewable energy portfolio standards.

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